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Tanzir Islam Britto: The Bangladeshi Physician, Clinical Research Enthusiast and Internet Personality


Tanzir Islam Britto: The Bangladeshi Physician, Clinical Research Enthusiast and Internet Personality


Bangladeshi Physician, clinical research enthusiast and internet personality Tanzir Islam Britto, also known by his alias, “সিডাটিভ হিপনোটিক্স,” has become a prominent figure in Bangladesh’s social and political landscape. Born in Chittagong in 1990, Britto completed his early education in Mumbai and later earned his MBBS degree from SSMC. He currently practices as a nephrologist and also maintains an active presence in the online world.

Britto began his writing career in 2007, primarily focusing on political satire and movie critiques. He has contributed articles to various newspapers such as Jugantor, Bangladesh Pratidin, and online news portals. He is also a contributing writer for EArki and has published his work in the renowned daily newspaper Prothom Alo and many web news portals and magazines.

In 2013, Britto played a pivotal role in organizing the Shahbag Movement, which was one of the largest mass movements in Bangladesh’s history. This movement was aimed at seeking justice for the war crimes committed during Bangladesh’s Liberation War in 1971. However, his involvement in the movement led to surveillance by a terrorist group, which only strengthened his resolve to fight for justice and freedom.

Despite his public persona, Britto is known to be a private person who enjoys watching documentaries, movies, and TV series. He has a deep appreciation for the poet Jibonanando Das and his work. Britto’s passion for writing and practicing medicine remains his two primary hobbies to this day.

Britto has gained a significant following on social media, particularly on Facebook, where he regularly writes about various topics and is regarded as the first person in Bangladesh to gain Facebook celebrity status. His dedication to activism and medicine has made him a role model for many aspiring young Bangladeshis.

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