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Meet Stephon Dupree, The Person Behind Many Successful Musicians

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Meet Stephon Dupree, The Person Behind Many Successful Musicians


Stephon Dupree Warren (born October 25th, 1988), best known as Stephon Dupree by profession name, is an American Music executive who is also CEO for Dupree Entertainment. He is best known for being the founder of Bryson Tiller, as well as, managing Yo Trane, Drebo Squeeze and OBN Dev.

Quick Facts
Stephon Dupree Warren
Born October 25th, 1988
Age [age_cal 25/10/1988] years
Birth place Lexington, Kentucky
Education The University Of Kentucky (2009-2013)
Occupation Manager, CEO, Founder

Early life

Stephon Dupree was brought up in Lexington, Kentucky. He originally picked up enthusiasm for his vocation while doing party advancements in school. Having moved on from University of Kentucky, his advantage was started to then become who he is today. The advancements he participated in, accepting a transform for significance as his advantage developed into overseeing craftsmen. Additionally having part in his motivation of his profession was his godlike object growing up, and now, P.Diddy. What rouses him most to arrive at the top, is to be the essence of music for Kentucky.

Personal life

Stephon blessed with three daughters Mckenna, Mckenzlee, and Mckiyah.


2009: Career Beginnings

In 2009, Stephon met Bryson Tiller through mutual friends. Upon growing a friendship, he began to co-manage Tiller in his early years of his music career.

Stephon at Warner Music Group


In 2016, Stephon found Yo Trane on Twitter and began managing him for a year. During this time, Yo Trane’s streams increased, and all of his social media accounts became verified.


In 2017, Stephon signed Drebo Squeeze to Dupree Entertainment, Drebo being the first artist signed to his label.[citation needed] Drebo has then released his song Facecard, produced by DJ Skills.


In 2018, Stephon continues to manage Drebo Squeeze.


Stephon has been featured in several top magazines including CapitalXtra, Respect Magazine, Voyage ATL, Digital Journal, Tush Magazine, The Mixx Magazine.


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Did you know…

  • He first gained interest for his career while doing party promotions in college.
  • He is managing Yo Trane, Drebo Squeeze and OBN Dev.
  • His Instagram gained over 37,000 followers.
  • He is the founder of Dupree Entertainment.




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